Here is Everything You Must Know before Planning a Vacation to Dubai

Dubai has a fast flourishing tourism industry. A large number of tourists from across the world flock here for a vacation. Alone in 2016, 8 million international tourists visited this country in Middle East Asia. Despite being dessert, it has a bucket of great things to do and various natural attractions that will surely astonish you. We have got some must-to-know-things that will help you better plan your vacation and find the best local tour package, if you need, in Dubai.

A great life is out of tall buildings

When we think about Dubai, sky-crapping buildings are what first come to our mind. But let me tell you that there is much more exciting life there out of those sky-reaching buildings. Dubai has a rich history, with its fascinating culture that is one of the best things that will mesmerize you. Not to mention the souks flanking the creek of Dubai. Those open-air markets allow shopaholics to haggle the best deals. From trinkets from Iran, silver treasures from Oman, to dates from Saudi Arabia, you can dig through the sea of shopping options here. Also, gold souks are worth visiting, even though jewelry makes nowhere on your shopping list.

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A hub of gourmet options

Dubai is one of the best places for international tourists. So there are a number of restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisines. No matter where you are from you can find some of the best cuisines in your country. Moreover, you can also indulge in local flavors if you want to delve deep into the culture of this desert country. SO when you plan your vacation, make it to the list of things you would like to experience. Find the best deal on local tour packages, Dubai here and have more time for everything you have in your vacation list.

No need of a burkini

Though Dubai is a Muslim country, you should not worry about the dress. You can put on anything – shorts, skirts, whatever else you want. Also, there is no need to cover up your hair. Dubai is a tourist-centric country where you have all the freedom to put on whatever you want. There is nothing to worry about.


But shopping malls are cold – much too cold. You may need to something to cover up. So when you are planning a vacation to this Gulf country, and shopping at malls is going to be on the list of things you would like to do, you must take with you some full body clothes to wear particularly when you are shopping at Dubai Malls.

Affordable commutation

Dubai is one of the few places in the world that have world-class transportation facilities. Commuting in Dubai is far cheaper than compared with some of the expensive European countries. You can find a slew of cheap options to commute. But in my opinion, a guided tour will be better even though you have been to the country. This will save your time and eliminate lots of stress you generally have finding means of commuting, accommodation and the likes. Check these top local tour packages for international tourists planning a vacation in Dubai.


Dubai’s palm island

An awe-inspiring engineering feat! The palm islands are, of course, the largest artificial island on the earth. Three islands connected to the beaches of Dubai form the structure of palm and so they are called palm islands. Tourists visiting Dubai must spend some time on these islands. To explore it the best, you should find a stay here on one of the fronds. But note that, you spend some more hours on commuting to Dubai. Check these Dubai local tour packages that get you the best accommodation on one of the fronds as well as travel to other prominent places of Dubai. All that without you needing to spend more hours on commutation!


A great night-life

Dubai is not just a city with tall buildings. But it has a great night-life too- nightlife that you will really enjoy the most. There are some of the best bars in the world offering a wide variety of beers. From pubs with great live music to high-end Champagne bars, there are a lot more to have an exciting nightlife experience. Not only that, there are much more things to do at night, for example, night desert safari, night scuba diving, etc.

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There are many travel companies providing guided tour packages for tourists who do not want to spend their time on things around planning and arranging. Check these top local tour packages for Dubai. However, make sure when you buy the one, everything you want to do including the site-seeing places is included in the package.


An array of wonderful rejuvenating treatments

Tired of going around the city all day long? Find a great shy of relief at some of the finest spas in the world. Dubai is home to a number of best spas offering a wide range of services. Also, beauty clinics are doing a great job. You can find a fine mani-pedi. However, it is better to head to luxury hotels spas that offer amazing massage therapy. These are really the place to find some great relief after the whole day traveling around the country. But these are a bit more expensive compared to beauty clinics at mall shops. But some travel companies also offer spa treatment in their Dubai local tour packages. This will help you save a good deal of money on spa treatment.


Hope, now you have all the information and knowledge you will need to have a wonderful vacation in Dubai. This will also be very helpful even if you choose a guided tour of the country. I would like you to comment to tell anything that one should also know before planning a vacation to Dubai.

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